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In today’s world, it is vital for a resume to convey the appropriate information and work history to an employer. With this in mind and given my extensive work history, I highlight my most recent and largest accomplishments in a resume that allows employers to quickly understand my talents. I also provide a full text resume of all my experiences that is available upon request.

General Resume

Non-profit and Volunteer Experience

Evan Brunell has a rich history of participation in non-profits. All throughout as a child and teenager, Evan was asked to participate in various seminars and panels relating his experience growing up as an orally-deaf man. Evan wears two cochlear implants, enabling him to hear, and does very well with them. He can speak clearly and concisely, making him a success story. His deafness was discovered at age one, and he was outfitted with hearing aids until age 16, at which point he received a cochlear implant. Ten years later, his other ear underwent implantation.

Evan currently serves as president of the Massachusetts Chapter of A.G. Bell Association, having been elected in November 2010, where he oversees the 501(c)3 non-profit, founded in 2005 on principles of parent and family connections as well as child mentorship. Mass AG Bell offers three programs for youth, including Bell Teens, Bell Kids and Bell Tots. The activities are designed to bring children of similar age together in a safe, fun, and supportive atmosphere.

Evan is also a member of the national Board of Directors for the A.G. Bell Association, elected by members nationwide in May 2012 for a three-year term.

In addition to his work for AG Bell, Evan volunteers at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, where he attended elementary school. He appears at seminars and panels, as well as running the Making Connections! student track at the annual Mainstream Conference in 2011 and 2012. Also in 2012, Evan served as summer-camp counselor for Clarke’s overnight camping trip for teens.

The Facebook page for the chapter is here.

Visit the homepage of the chapter, currently administered by the national A.G. Bell Association.

Evan’s Fire Brand Articles

In response to Aaron Boone’s crushing walk-off home run that sent the Red Sox home in the 2003 ALCS, Evan decided to create a Red Sox blog. A senior in high school, he had no idea that years later, this blog would still be kicking. That blog later turned into an entire company called the Most Valuable Network, the first online sports media company devoted to a network of blogs.

Fire Brand quickly grew into the most respected Red Sox blog on the internet, with Hall of Fame journalist Peter Gammons commenting “it’s amazing how many club officials read… Fire Brand of the American League.” Evan Brunell flew solo until September 2005. Since then, years later, additional, passionate authors also call Fire Brand home, dedicated to bringing the world musings from Red Sox Nation.

Click this link to view all of Evan’s articles written for Fire Brand. As of October 25, 2012, that number is at 1,896… and rising.