Evan in his journalism days at NESN (2010).

Evan Brunell has been a journalist since his senior year of high school, when he began Fire Brand of the American League, a Red Sox blog that went on to win awards, gain popularity and respect, and develop a reputation for reasoned, sabermetrically-inclined discourse on the Red Sox.

Fire Brand went on to become an affiliate of ESPN for the majority of its time under Evan. In this capacity, ESPN linked, and directed traffic to, to Fire Brand, and the blog’s contributions were featured prominently in’s baseball coverage. Brunell wrote several articles for ESPN, moderated live baseball playoff chats on ESPN, and was solicited in surveys and polls of ESPN experts. Evan oversaw and wrote over 2,000 articles from 2003 to 2014, at which point he sold the blog to Bloguin.

“A lot of club officials… read Fire Brand of the American League.” – Peter Gammons

Evan has written for the Patriot LedgerThe Hardball TimesNBC Sports, NESN, Baseball Prospectus, Deadspin, and CBS Sports. For CBS, he helped create and structure the principal MLB blog. After departing CBS at the end of 2011, he worked for three seasons as a datacaster for MLB, tracking live scoring for its digital platform while also writing for Bleacher Report and

  • Curated, deconstructed, and authored original MLB content, including internal/external discovery and prioritization, packaging of content, and scheduling
  • Drove audience engagement through thoughtful content, engaged with audience through website, social media, and live event participation
  • Developed burgeoning digital sports content platform structure, practices, and presence for

Worcester Telegram & Gazette (11/05/2013): “Evan Brunell enjoyed ride as Fenway datacaster.”

“An excellent writer with a developed mind for analytical thought, Evan excelled at digesting news and providing well-written, original takes in expedient fashion. Furthermore, and perhaps as important, Evan was always extremely easy to work with. He listened well and often asked smart questions.” Zach Finklestein – Manager, Fantasy