Evan’s strategic business, communications, and marketing experience began when he founded the Most Valuable Network at the tender age of 17. Since then,  he has influenced operations in several different sectors.

Private Business

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A screenshot from an advertising campaign Evan oversaw, which aired on broadcasts in central Massachusetts.

In his capacity with the family’s heating oil company, he dramatically increased the reach and impact of the company, shepherding a 336 percent increase in monthly, sustainable website traffic over two years. Pioneer Oil was sold to Sail Energy in October 2015, and Evan stayed on as brand and marketing manager performing similar duties for four separate companies under the Sail umbrella.

In late 2013, Evan’s family purchased a second company dealing in glass and window treatments. Since then, Evan has had a significant hand in the business development and day-to-day processes of the company, and continues to oversee the marketing and accounting efforts of the company in a part-time capacity. Through marketing and process-initiated workflows, the business is continuing exponential growth year-over-year, currently tracking at 120% growth since inception (Oct. 2013–Apr. 2017.)

  • Provide critical business projects with enhanced project execution and design capabilities
  • Responsible for developing a marketing strategy and bringing it to life across all digital and traditional channels.
  • Connect strategic focus through development of major brand and marketing strategy and campaigns, customer and sales research, measurement of promotional effectiveness
  • Direct development, management, and implementation of product and service marketing activities, generating business and increasing customer retention

Higher Education

Since joining the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2016, Evan has made rapid gains in transforming strategic communication and marketing processes as project manager from his subdivision to the Marketing & Communications office. Evan has centralized a previously decentralized modus operandi for three offices in the subdivision.

In the first few moths of his work at WPI, he led the creation of a new brand for Accepted Students—the “World Class of 2021” and #GoWorldClass campaign. This project was substantial and completed in a short amount of time. New students accepted to WPI can now enjoy “an experience that demonstrates the diversity of our community in origin, interests, and talents; the global immersions, extraordinary opportunities, and genuine feeling of home that WPI students continually praise: this is the welcome to world class students from a world class institution.” (Source.)

In January of 2018, Evan was a project team recipient of the 2018 CASE District I Excellence Awards, Admission Excellence: Admissions Package – Gold Medal. The award was given for the reconceptualization of the student admit package.  In January of 2019, he was again a project team recipient of 2019 CASE District I Excellence Awards, Admissions Excellence: Admissions Package – Bronze Medal. Earned for recruitment suite of travel brochure, guidance counselor notepad, and search postcard mailer.

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• Design, analyze, and continuously improve communication strategies, flows, and content for the various channels Undergraduate Enrollment Services uses to communicate
• Represent Undergraduate Enrollment Services as the project manager for all strategic communications and marketing projects
• Provide internal and external writing and content creation support to the offices within Undergraduate Enrollment Services


View Evan’s service-oriented initiatives in civic engagement here.

Evan possesses strong management skills. He is able to pull disparate elements, –ranging from superiors and colleagues to external vendors – together, aligning everyone in the same direction. He displays strong project management skills, ensuring each segment of a program’s lifecycle receives proper consideration to achieve optimal outcomes. Evan understands how all elements of a business interlink with each other. He takes care to consider how various projects and initiatives will impact both the company as a whole, plus individual sectors of the business. – Jake Barr, Pioneer Glass and Window Fashions general manager