Evan possesses strong management skills. He is able to pull disparate elements together, ranging from superiors and colleagues, to external vendors, aligning everyone in the same direction. He displays strong project management skills, ensuring each segment of a program’s lifecycle receives proper consideration to achieve optimal outcomes. Evan understands how all elements of a business interlink with each other. He takes care to consider how various projects and initiatives will impact both the company as a whole, plus individual sectors of the business.


“Evan quickly established himself as a deep thinker who considers complex issues from numerous perspectives. He is a holistic thinker who strives to understand the most important elements of a topic in order to effectively create a persuasive and compelling argument for selecting a specific course of action… Evan is a skilled and thoughtful written communicator who ensures that his thoughts are well laid out, organized, and articulate. I am impressed with his ability to understand and communicate complex issues… He exemplifies the drive to understand a topic in order to put effective solutions into place.”