Evan has a varied professional history in the following categories: Business/Marketing, Civic Engagement, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Author.

Brief information follows on each, with a link to learn more. If you follow the link, more detail is provided on his history, accomplishments, and evidence.


Evan’s business and marketing experience stretches back to 2003, when he founded his own business. He has gone on to a career in business, communications, and marketing.

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Civic Engagement

Evan has a rich history in the civic engagement field. He has served as president of a state nonprofit for five years, mentored youth, provided tips and strategies to deaf youth, deaf adults, families, parents, educators and professionals. He also advocates in the legislative and public community, pushing for equal access.

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Evan has been a journalist since developing a Red Sox blog in 2003 that developed a reputation for reasoned, sabermetrically-inclined discourse. Fire Brand went on to become an affiliate of ESPN for the majority of its time under Brunell. For CBS Sports, he helped create and structure the principal MLB blog.

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Co-founded by Evan, the Most Valuable Network (MVN) was the first online sports media network. At the forefront of the emerging digital age, Evan was there every step of the way, leveraging social media as it developed, plus overseeing MVN’s transition as the internet moved from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0.

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In addition to his work, Evan is an aspiring author. He has written several short stories and is currently working on a novel. His Mission series (Mission: Pen and Mission: Cup) was published in the local newspaper as a series when a senior in high school, receiving praise from the community. While he has penned many short stories, only the Mission series and A Place of Desolation (2014) are available for public consumption.